Summer Nail Polish Picks

Can you tell that I love pinks for summer? They are the perfect pairing for any summer outfit, and everyday wear! Essie tends to be my go-to brand of nail polishes, and I might do a post of my full collection soon.

L-R: Watermelon, Peach Daiquiri, More to Explore, Shocking Pink, Fun in the Gondala, & Mod Square

Essie Watermelon: This is my go-to shade for summer. It is the perfect watermelon (duh) shade! I love this on my toes and fingers. The formula is super smooth and can last a long time depending on how hard I am on my nails.

Essie Peach Daiquiri: Another go to! A beautiful peachy-pink color that is perfect for spring or summer, but I tend to wear it more in the summer.A must pick!

China Glaze More to Explore: I really only wear this shade on my toes, but that’s because it is so bright and I don’t really go for that on my fingernails too often. A more subtle peach color, but the formula is very bright!

China Glaze Shocking Pink: Another toenail shade. When I want something super bright, I turn towards this one. It’s basically a highlighter pink shade!

Essie Fun in the Gondola: I love this one for everyday! It is a subtle nude pink color that compliments my skin tone really well. This one also lasts the longest for me, and when it chips it harder to tell where the chips are.

Essie Mod Square: The hot pink of the bunch. This one is super easy to wear because the color just seems to go with everything! I love this one for fingers and toes and I turn towards it often when I need a new color!


This post contains affiliate links, but all products that I trust and recommend.


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