My 5 Favorite Netflix Binge Watches

I’m a huge Netflix watcher since I got it a few years ago. This is my collection of my favorite shows I’ve watched on here, and also the ones that would be perfect to have hour long binges to!

Grey’s Anatomy: I have so much love for this show! I started watching it during Thanksgiving break this past year and just couldn’t stop watching it. I just recently finished all of the seasons on Netflix… Although this show is a medical show, the amount of other stuff in the show makes it great to watch. It’s very drama filled, but it has some laughs in it too, and a lot of sad moments, so be prepared with some tissues for a few episodes!

The Office: After hearing a friend of my rave about this show for years, I decided to watch this last summer, and it was a great decision. It took a little while for me to get into, but once you’re into it you’re into it. It is funny and cute, and just a lot of emotions throughout the show. It’s easy to follow and the characters are great. The amount of quotable lines in the show makes it 10x better!

Parks and Recreation: Similar to The Office in the way its film and its quirky characters. Again, this one took a bit to get into, but once I got past season 1, I was hooked. I had to wait almost a year for the last season to get on Netflix! It’s such a fun watch and the characters are so funny in there own ways! If you want a show where you can learn about friendship, work, and waffles-this is your show.

Gossip Girl: This was the first show that I started watching on Netflix. It’s filled with teenage drama, that although not relatable to someone like me, is entertaining to watch! Its definitely not the best show I’ve watched, but I have been back to rewatch it a few times over the years. And Blake Lively is literal goals, like her outfits, are always on point in this show!

How to Get Away with Murder: This is a fairly new show, but still worth the watch. It is super exciting, and you will want to watch episode after episode to get more of the story. Because it’s from the same creators as Grey’s Anatomy, it’s kind of similar, but also really different. Nevertheless, it is a very enjoyable show that a lot of people would like to watch! And you could binge the first two seasons before the next one starts on TV!




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