ColourPop Haul

Recently, ColourPop had a special 20% off sale, which I gladly took advantage of. I had not yet tried any of their products yet, but there is a lot of hype surrounding this brand and now I can see why!


Of course one of first things I looked at was their ultra matte liquid lipsticks. I have watched so many YouTube videos and read blog posts about these things that I had to try them for myself. I picked up Solow and Mars. I knew that Solow was going to be the shade I turned towards most days, but I’m trying to branch out more and decided to pick up a very vibrant red-pink color. The first thing I have to say is they apply beautifully, and the colors are amazing, but they are super drying! Like so dry that I almost cannot wear them for more than a few minutes without having to wipe them off and slather on a whole bunch of chapstick! I knew they were going to be drying from what I heard from other reviews, but until you try them on for yourself you can not be sure. I will continue to play around with them more, along with exfloiating my lips right before and see if this improves!

I also picked up two of their lippie sticks after watching KathleenLights rave about them! Funny thing is one of the colors I decided to get was Lumiere, which is the shade she created with the brand! This is a perfect everyday color that is comfortable to wear and a nice matte shade. The other one I picked up was Croquet, which is a sheer pink color that adds just enough wash of color and is also very comfortable on the lips. The lippie sticks are not as long wearing as the liquid lipsticks, but that is to be expected.


These next two products have quickly become some of my favorites. The most products I have in collection is blush, and yet I still keep buying more. I picked up Between the Sheets. It is the perfect pink flush color for my pale skin, and the fact that it is completely matte makes it even better! I love the way it looks and the skin. It is a super pigmented blush, so I use a very light hand when applying. Both of these products are super buttery and apply so well! The highlighter shade I picked up was Wisp. I’m hoping this will be a dupe for Champagne Pop, but I’m still waiting to pick that shade up, but I’m so sure I will after using this product. It is the perfect amount of highlight for everyday!



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